Website Designing for Online Maketing

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Website Designing for Online Maketing

Understanding website Designing Program Elements.

Introduction to programs like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, CMS.

Understand Web Hosting Server and WWW Domain.

Introduction Types Of Domain Names, Domain Extension, Web Hosting & Difference Between Each Type.

Free Domains, Web Hosting.

Paid Web Hosting, Domains

Getting to Know major CMS (WordPress).

What is WordPress and How it can develop Website.

Difference between and

Getting started with WordPress and Installing.

Explain WordPress Dashboard and Plugins.

What is Theme in WordPress?

Difference between Page v/s Post.

Creating Page, Post and Blog.

The Editor in WordPress.

Publish Panel and Post Format.

Categories, Tags, Featured Image.

Adding Images, Media.

Working with Links, Widgets Creating Menu, Managing Comments

Permalinks for Pages and Posts.

Creat/Edit/Remove  User


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