Search Engine Marketing

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Search Engine Marketing

Getting to Know AdWords

Online Marketing

Elements of Online Marketing

Search Marketing

Concept of Search Engine


Paid Google


Google Adword Account Set Up.

How Google Adwords Works?

How is Rank Calculated?

AdWords Account, Ad Groups, Ads and Keywords

Getting Started

Understanding pay-per-click Advertising.

Benefits of AdWords. Types of Adwords.

Understanding how and where ads show up in Search Engines.

Creating Adward account and Exploring the AdWords account structure.

Organizing campaigns and ad groups.

Researching Keywords

Keyword research.

Understanding keyword match types.

Using negative keywords.

Evaluating a keyword.

Using the Keyword Planner tool.

Creating Your First Search Campaign in Adward Account.

Creating a campaign.

Targeting locations and languages.

Setting your bidding strategy and budget.

Setting your delivery and advanced settings.

Using ad extensions.

Creating Your First Ad Group

Writing effective text ads.

Creating a new ad group.

Working with additional ad groups.

Using bid adjustments.

Understanding Quality Score

Understanding the AdWords auction.

Understanding Quality Score.

Identifying Quality Score issues.

Tracking Ad Performance

Defining conversions.

Using AdWords Conversion.

Installing Conversion Tracking code.

Linking Google Analytics to AdWords.

Optimizing for Performance

Measuring return on investment (ROI).

Enabling and finding conversion metrics.

Using the Conversion Optimizer.

Testing your ads with split tests.

Understanding the balance between performance and volume.

Using Display Ads in Remarketing

Understanding remarketing in AdWords.

Creating a remarketing list.

Using display formats.

Creating a remarketing campaign.

Leveraging Video Advertising.

Understanding video ads.

Creating a video campaign.

Reading video campaign reports.

Display Ads, Shopping Ads, Video Ads.

Conversion Optimizer.

My Client Centre.


Keyword Planner

Video Ad

Shopping Ad

PPC Ad Campaign

Remarketing Campaign


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