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Our team can assist you with placements with top brand and agencies for careers and high paying salaries. Digital Marketing Course.

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Businesses and recruiters prefer marketing professionals with genuine knowledge, skills and experience verified by a certification that is accepted across industries.

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We will also help you to become Google Adwords and Facebook Certified which is valid all over India. MDMC provides industry recognised certification as well.

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We are associated with various start-ups and established companies looking for digital marketing interns. We can connect you with them as per your request. They are all stipend basis.

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First of all, Digital Marketing Course is the process of Learning about how to reach target audiences in a more efficient and effective way via various digital channels. In the First Place, It is to engage, attract and convert them as customers. Generally, Digital marketers ae using digital channels such as search engines (Bing, Google and Yahoo). Also, There are  social media platforms such as  Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Especially, email marketing, Paid online advertising on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, influencer marketing to build awareness, affiliate marketing, influence consideration to drive profitable result.

Digital Marketing Techniques

Furthermore, Digital marketing is not a new technique. However, it has been in function since the early of the internet. Subsequently, Some People used to call this as either internet marketing or online marketing. For the most part, Digital marketing was evolving over many years.


Accordingly, The need in the industry we have created this digital marketing course.  Thereby, This helps graduates, experienced professionals and Business Owners to learn the digital marketing techniques and grow their business and careers. In the first place,  Join digital marketing Course and initiate a new career. In brief, We at MDMC understand the aspirations of graduates. Therefore, We can offer you 100% Pleacement assistance for Minimum 6 Months. To begin with, Do you want to Schedule a FREE Demo, Please Call our Customer Care to know more about digital marketing and if it is suitable for you.

Particularly, We offer Certificate Course in Digital Marketing  Course available in Hyderabad which will make you into a Pofessional Digital Marker. You can learn all aspects of digital marketing which includes search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketingemail marketing and more. Our job focused digital marketing training course will make you master in digital marketing. We will make you real experience in all the essential aspects of the digital marketing to certified.

Free Digital Marketing Course in HyderabadTogether with, The Certified Digital Marketing Course is offered by Two Ways. In addition to, We train you Online and also in Institute. At MDMC, we understand student career goal and will give you a path to meet it. If you think, MDMC is your best choice for digital marketing course with placement. Here, We have an several placement divisions.

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Throughout these year we have done amazing work with 600 students. Our well designed and expertly mentored course helps you open doors to such major career prospects.


A course is important to understand the basics of digital marketing. Course helps you carve your career and lead it in the direction that you want. Organizations need people who can offer focused solutions for their requirements.

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We are associated with various start-ups and established companies looking for digital marketing interns. We can connect you with them as per your request. They are all stipend basis.

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